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'How do they do that?'
'The Grids. They move between the Grid layers in joyful fluidity. They hold the high frequency, the blue and white energy of Sirius, to assist us all to move into pure consciousness. They are both transmitters of, and receivers for, the frequencies from Sirius.  They put these energies into the water just by being in it. Having the dolphins in the oceans changes the water.'
'We have seen terrible things being done to dolphins in Atlantis, ' said Xendo. 'We understand that you use sounding rods to interfere with their sonar communication system. But even in panic, their first duty is to protect, not only their young, but one another. Unlike humans, they never abandon a family member. Your fishermen know this. They take advantage of it and spear them. Then they cut them up alive with meat-hooks and machetes.'
I was speechless. I'd known about the driftnets for a long time. At least a million dolphins die every year trapped in driftnets, but nobody ever told me about this savagery. I felt so embarrassed. This should have been common knowledge at the QSA. 
'I'm thinking about how I might get this across to my colleagues when I get back.  I mean, how would people get their heads round the idea that dolphins are vital to our existence?'
'They're just as vital to their own existence,' responded Xendo, sardonically.
'I'm sorry!...I didn't mean it to sound speciesist.  How do we get this through to the public? The politicians won't act unless the people force them to. And even if I do get through to them, people at home have short memories. Even in matters related to their own species. They'll moan for a while or write letters to the papers and so on, but then after a while it's not news any more so they forget about it and move on to other issues and distractions. '
'And the QSA?'
'I'm not a politician, Xendo! I may be on the Government's payroll, but I can only make recommendations.'
'I'm not a politician. That must be one of the most irresponsible statements in the history of Atlantis.  I was only obeying orders is another one!' snapped Xendo.
'Forgive us!' said Solari.
'Yes,' Xendo conceded, 'I'm sorry! I didn't mean to be so cynical. But surely you must know that your politicians don't change anything either.  They themselves only do what they're told to do in order to stay in power.'
'Thanks for the reminder,' I responded, grinning, 'I'll bear it in mind.'
'I don't know, Jordan,' muttered Xendo, shaking his head, 'I just don't know.  Where will it all end?  It took you people a very long time indeed to realise that the Earth wasn't flat.'
'You mean it isn't? Ha-ha! But tell me more about those dolphins, will you?'
'Dolphins invite us to swim with them,' Xendo went on, 'or to listen to their song, sung with the intention of helping us to recover our galactic consciousness, as the frequency moves to higher and higher levels. As we were saying earlier, we were like spheres of light in the beginning, communicating through the light body and the aura. We brought beauty into being through the combination of the mind and intention. That beauty is still held in the brains of the dolphins who are here to help us remember that beauty and to move through pain and suffering into joy.'
'The dolphins do all of that?'
'There's more. Dolphins helped us create a galactic brain with the energies of healing wired into that brain. You see, there are pulses of light, like a crystal, inside our heads. Those codes are still in people's DNA and are activated by dolphin sounds. As our DNA strands are reconnected, we will have access to parts of the brain that have been dormant. Dolphins reconnect the strands, as sounds spiral up the DNA, opening the codes. A bit like meridians or acupuncture points. The dolphin brain pulses with colours, indigo, aquamarine, sapphire, magenta, pink, violet and turquoise. Energy pours down from source energy in spiralling galaxies around the body, bringing the galactic frequency into the brain and - '
'I'm sorry, Xendo, you've lost me!  My own fault!  I was trying to process what you were saying, simplify it, so that I could understand it myself before I can share it with my colleagues! I'm afraid they'd have me certified if I spoke like that in public - even if I could relay even a fraction of what you've just told me!'
'Tell him about the whales instead, Xendo!'  Solari intervened, squeezing my arm in a gesture of support.

'Whales are also our close friends, Jordan!' she said, enthusiastically.
'Oh? Really? I'm sorry, Xendo.  I'll try to be more attentive!'
'Whales are frequency holders of energy and of love,' Xendo continued.
'We Lemurians can access that energy and that love by tuning into the frequency of the whales. Telepathically, of course. Whales hold the key to the physical realm; dolphins to the realm of light. Whales are stewards of the Earth. They are here to protect the Earth.'
'The sound of the Earth's movement is like a whale's song!'  said Solari.
'Yes! Yes, I have actually heard that! Not the sound itself, of course. One of my friends is a marine biologist.  Earth's Chorus, that what she called it.  Earth's radiation belts create radio waves known to us as Earth's Chorus. Like humpback whales, right?'
'Let's continue with our little tour, shall we?' he said. 'What a pity you can't stay another night. There's so much we could show you!'
On Dream Street, I saw a small group of happy children on a school outing.  Or so I thought.
'We don't have schools here', laughed Xendo, 'or at least, not as you Atlanteans imagine them to be.'

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'No buildings, no teachers!' Solari chimed in.
'Universities? ' I asked innocently. 
They shook their heads.
'I'm sorry to have to put it this way,' said Xendo, 'but the children of Atlantis are virtual prisoners throughout the whole springtime of their lives. There is no passion, excitement, fulfilment, natural growth, there is no feeling of abundance in your schools. There is no love. Children are forced to listen to teachers who convey limited knowledge in a way that becomes a form of power and control. Education has become a mere tool, a weapon, even, hijacked and hooked up to your economy and your industries. Competition has taken over from intuition, emotion, creativity and love, all of which are suppressed within the confining walls of your classrooms and lecture halls. You reward those people proficient at rote-learning and regurgitation, your so-called educated people, with extra money in their jobs and you even grace winners of educational competitions with titles, calling them doctors or professors. To achieve this title, the so-called Doctor of Philosophy will have spent years studying a specialised area of useless, reductionist knowledge bearing no relevance whatsoever to the amelioration of your sick society. Your people use such titles to inflate their self-image or to assume a false sense of authority. I'm sorry to have to say this, Jordan, but if this is what you call education, a system based, not on love and compassion, not on inclusiveness, co-operation and the love of wisdom and creativity, but on the accumulation of facts and of useless knowledge, on the cult of the individual, on competition, social status, financial gain and false authority, why are we are not surprised that a broken and unsustainable society like yours is destined to sleepwalk its way over a cliff-edge?'
'But in this century alone, we have more literate and numerate people in society than ever! We have democracies. There are more opportunities, more prospects available to more people than ever before.'
They were smiling. 
'Education in Atlantis should be voluntary, not mandatory. And if the acquisition of functional literacy and numeracy is required for a society like yours, surely it doesn't take twelve years of a child's precious life to become literate and numerate. Does it?  We are told that most of your people retain little or no memory or use of algebra, for example, or any such knowledge memorised for arbitrary examinations in order to get to the next level in the competition.  Do your educationalists actually care about the true meaning of education? '
'Many will argue it has to do with the improvement of the mind.'
'If they do not know what the mind is, how can they hope to improve it?  If they do not know that the mind is already complete, how can they possibly know how to reveal its true potential?'
'Ha-ha!  Nobody ever told me at school that my mind was complete! But surely you must have had some kind of education in Lemuria? '
'Many years ago, in Lemuria, education was practised by direct transmission of codes from teacher to student. One could monitor the energy field of the student to ascertain from their energies and colour codes what their gifts were. We taught the children how to stay connected to the light through meditation in the Temples.'
'And the kids were OK with that? Meditation? Weren't they bored?'
'It was always joyful. All the children felt at one with themselves and with everybody else. Children were taught how to use their intuition, their inner resources, to check in with their feelings, tap into their hearts when they were making decisions, work with energies and take care of themselves, they were taught how to monitor thoughts and emotions to feel whatever it was they needed to experience and how to transform the challenges that appeared before them in life.'
'Ha! That is, indeed, a far cry from what I remember at school, sitting on a hard, old bench, learning stuff off by heart for the next exam around the corner.'
'Teaching in Lemuria was always practised with love. There was never any compulsion, no judgement, no assessment, no success, no failure. No grades. No competition. You already know what we think of competition!  In botany, for example, as you call it, we learned the dynamics of energy flow, the resonances which all plants needed, based on the Grid that sustains them. No child was ever made feel less, or more, than anyone else. They knew that each one of them was born with a special gift. It didn't matter whether that gift was small or large. There was no hierarchy. Children were encouraged to discover their gift, what they loved most, and how that gift could eventually be shared to the benefit of the community at large.'
'Nobody ever told me about my gift! That's for sure! It might have made all the difference in my life! Come to think of it, I still haven't discovered what it is!'
'Not only are we as unique as every conscious, individual cell in our body, but like each unique cell, we have a unique contribution to make to the body at large.  By serving others, we serve the organism. By serving the One, we serve ourselves. Children were also taught how to work with the chakras, how to check in with our bodies and how to live out our lives with love. We were shown how to nurture, comfort and care for ourselves by staying connected to source energy. The focus was always on community and love. We had a sense of direction, of belonging, of purpose. We were all highly valued as an integral member of the whole and all our needs were met.'
'Sounds like every child's dream! Every parent's dream! But now, you tell me, you have no schools at all any more. Right?'
'There are no schools. We are raised with a natural curiosity, so we spend the springtime of our lives enjoying our youth and the thrills of discovering the world around us.'
'You discover the world!'
'Yes. So, you might say to your colleagues when you get home that in Lemuria, education is our creative response to our own discoveries. As you and I know, each person is different, unique; each of us will want to discover something different and respond creatively to that in a different way.'
'So, what exactly do you discover?'
'Oh, it's such fun, Xendo, isn't it?' answered Solari. 'Discovery can be in the outer world, Jordan, or in the inner world!  For example, if you are interested in archaeology, or space travel, a hologram will take you there. You become part of the experience! And there's no limit to what you can discover! You can even be a bluebottle!'
'A bluebottle!  Ha-ha! So, what about the inner world?'
'My friend, Talona,' she answered, 'journeys into the implicate order, as you call it, to experience pure potentiality.'
'What? How does she do that?'
'It's a form of meditation.  She can explore what life looks like to a formless entity that lives in the non-local realm, physically inseparable from the world.'
'You can also discover gardening, or technology, or healing, for example, ' Xendo continued, 'but no area of discovery is separate from another. All areas  share a common bond. They're all linked up. And that's also a part of the discovery!'
'By healing, do you mean medicine? Medical studies?'
'Not at all. You see, it is the patient who does the healing. Healing is already an integral part of our upbringing. We use crystals. We bring down the Golden Light and work with it, using our intuition and insight.  But we also use light like a laser beam for medical procedures and surgeries, where needed.  Light is a great healer. Those who heal can visit patients in their dreams to assist in their healing. They might appear as an angelic or as their deceased mother, for example. The patient would be helped to restore the power of the heart in his or her life and to remember that they are always loved.' 
'So people do get sick here.'
'Yes, people get sick here from time to time. After all, we're only human! We get sick when we forget that we are love and that we are loved.  When we visit the Temple shortly, you will discover more about healing from Zol.  Healing and all other areas of discovery are intimately interconnected.  Holistically.  Everything is linked.  Linking is part of the fun, discovering the links, how to link up everything!'
'So, what about general knowledge? What about the rest of the world? How do you learn about us, about Atlantis, in your discoveries? I mean, if you never visit us?'
'Yes, sadly, our organs are sensitive to your damaged and polluted environment, so our visits are normally restricted to the unspoilt, unpopulated areas of Atlantis. To learn about you and your culture, our people go there well prepared and incognito, made to look exactly like one of you. Even the equipment we take with us is designed to look like yours.'
'What kind of equipment?'
'To make movies! We know that your people love movies. You always seem to make way for a film-set which you see as something special. Sometimes, people may ask us about the film. Of course, they think we are Atlanteans. Our stock response is that we're doing educational documentaries.  It's not untrue, but it satisfies their curiosity and they move on.'
'But do you really film us, then? Is that what you do?'
'Our films are holographic,' answered Xendo. 'When we return to Lemuria and show them in huge stadiums or in a park, they're holograms, of course, but they look as real as reality itself, or so-called reality, I should say. What I mean by that is, they faithfully represent exactly what the film-makers record, sounds, smells, taste, touch, everything.  We can also turn the experience into highlights, just as we saw in the museum.'
'Wow! It's like travel agency that literally brings the experience of the holiday resort to your doorstep! What about reading and writing? I presume you have books, of sorts. Your writing is impossible to decipher, they tell us.'
'Our script is multidimensional.  We use it only for fun or for rituals, just like our vocally spoken language, which is used only for song.  Our museums have samples of our earliest logo-syllabic script, as you might call it, some signs represented words, others just sounds.'                                                                                           

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